Jennifer Sager, Ph.D.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, the office where I am located does file insurance. I am currently an in network provider for most entities of Blue Cross Blue Shield. I am an out-of-network provider for most other insurance companies. In most instances, our office staff (352-379-2829) can determine what your deductible and copay would be.

What are your fees?

The cost for an initial intake session is $175, with subsequent 50 minute sessions costing $125. For individuals who travel from out of town, I can provide a 75-minute session ($170) or a 100-minute session ($225). Psychological assessments are often more involved and will typically last 4 hours, plus approximately 4-5 hours of report writing. The ITM office sets the cost for assessments. At this point in time, I do not use a sliding scale or reduced fee payment schedule.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is no fee if you cancel with 24 hour notice. However, there is a $35 charge if the cancellation occurs with less than 24 hour notice. Insurance companies will not pay for late cancellations or missed appointments, so you will be responsible for this fee. Two missed appointments or late cancellations (in a row) often indicate a lack of committment in therapy. As such, I am likely to end our working relationship but will help you with referrals to another therapist if you are later interested in continuing with therapy.

What services do you provide to Transgender individuals?

I provide therapy, either for personal awareness or for individuals seeking hormonal therapy or surgery (e.g., genital reassignment, mastectomy). I also provide therapy to transgender individuals that may have nothing to do with their gender identity, such as relationship issues, stress or career issues.

I do not provide formalized assessments for gender identity evaluations. I find it irresponsible to meet with someone for a few hours and then “approve” of their gender identity and provide a letter of support without any follow-up care. Assessments for hormone therapy or surgeries occur within the context of therapy and thus, cost the same as non-trans therapy. I follow the Standards of Care and tend to meet with someone for a minimum of six months (at least twice a month), before writing a support letter. There are occasions when I will be willing to write a letter in less time or see an individual less often (e.g., once a month).

Do you see children for therapy?

Typically no. The majority of my training has been with adolescents and adults. During my masters program, I did work with children diagnosed with ADHD or Behavioral problems and found that I often saw the child for a month and then began working with the parents/guardians of the child. I found that helping the parents/guardians resolve any personal issues between them and become more aware of their impact on the child is what eventually led to resolution of the child’s behavior problems. Typically the only time I will see a child is when they are expressing gender identity concerns, but I will still want to meet regularly with the family.

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